Jean-Christian Yro & Bryan Palain

Jean-Christian Yro & Bryan Palain are the creators of the Lyon-based Instagram page: “The Gallery Streetwear“.
TGS reposts pictures of influencers that have a unique style.

Jean-Christian Yro

24 y.o
Instagram: @jcthehyraud


DSC_0552 (1)

“I love wearing anything that looks gangsta. Basically, streetwear & hood, but I could also dress up and look classy, or even mix the two styles. When it comes to my fashion inspiration, I usually get it from artists like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott & 2pac.”

“Quand je m’habille, j’aime tout ce qui est gang. C’est-à-dire un mélange de streetwear et du hood. Mais je peux aussi m’habiller classe et mélanger les deux styles. Les artistes qui inspirent ma garde-robe seraient A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott & 2pac.”






Bryan Palain

25 y.o
Instagram: @bryan_honore



“I’d say that my style is a mix of street and chic but very much inspired by the 90’s. I love wearing bright color. You have to be open-minded, innovative and creative, kind of like with music; I mean I love hip-hop but I can also listen to techno.”

“On peut dire que mon style est street & chic mais très orienté vers les années 90. J’aime porter des couleurs pétantes. Il faut être ouvert d’esprit, innovant et créatif, un peu comme avec la musique; j’aime le hip-hop mais je peux écouter de la techno aussi.”




© Sidney Lafrontiere & Zahra Louise-Julie 

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