La Paire

Sidney Lafrontiere and Fabrice F.

21 y.o & 21 y.o

Instagram: @sidnizz & @pepooz

“Fab has a lot of charisma, that’s his personality. The vibes that he gives off are what makes everything look good on him. He’s not afraid to try new things; I’ve always liked that about him.”
“What I like the most about Sidney’s style is that whatever he wears, he wears it well. He can put together any outfit while blending  styles, colors and trends from different eras.”

“Fab a un vrai charisme, c’est sa personnalité. Tout ce qu’il dégage qui fait que tout lui va. Il ose; j’ai toujours apprécié ça chez lui.”
“Ce que j’aime le plus dans le style de Sidney, c’est que peu importe ce qu’il porte, il réussit à bien l’assembler tout en mélangeant les styles, les époques et les couleurs.”


Sidney Lafrontiere (co-founder of Garde Robe) and Fabrice F. better known as La Paire are a French rap duo based in Lyon. To listen to their music, check out their Soundcloud below.





© Sidney Lafrontière & Zahra Louise-Julie


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